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Whats New....

Trinnov Audio

Sep 2018 - Trinnov audio soon on the island.

Dealer training took place at Paris, France in Trinnov headquarters.

Webstore - Preowned section

New look, new equipment.

Sellers can now add their own equipment for sale via our platform.

Available on mobile platforms too.


Close the deal

Crystal & Siltech Cables Reference line will maximize your system. 

Order yours today or ask to demo one.

Fraud alert 2

August 2018 - It came to our attention that fraudy attempts are being made from some persons,  contacting buyers pretending being us. 

They often offer products at ''good prices. Please note that our official email is info@cosmo-tech.info

Quad Audio

August 2018  ''The Closest approach to the original sound'' is now represented Exclusively on the island.

Soon you will be able to demonstrate Quad equipment in our stores.

Chord Electronics Mscaler

August 2018 - Announcing pre-orders for the New Chord Mscaler for Cyprus and Greece buyers.

info here


June 2018 - High-End Audio accessories from Omicrongroup proudly represented in Cyprus, Greece, UK and USA markets

info here

Fraud Alert 1

May 2018 - Since beginning of the year we have witncessed incidents of people trying to damage our business model and reputation by passing over false data and information about us trying to earn from it and possibly acquire the distributorship of a brand for themselves.  

Membership Scheme

Get in contact now to learn of the new Membership with huge savings

Magico S3MK2 on demo

March 2018 - Available for listening in our store by appoitment

Artesania Racks

- Jan 2018 - The brand is represented on exclusively in Cyprus

Metronome & Kalista

Dec 2017 - Refreshing our relationship with CD8S & CD8s T on demo