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Story about us Cosmosound Technologies

Who we are...


Cosmosound Technologies founded in September 2003 in Cyprus  and its owned by Cosmotherm Ltd.

Registration HE125459 / EE24721

VAT: CY10125459P

A  European High-End Audio Distributor active in many countries &  probably the most successful High-End Audio company on the island of  Cyprus dealing strictly with Audio. Owned by pure Stereophile  enthusiasts.

We solely represent, import and distribute some of the world's top and finest High-End Audio brands.  

Our Story

Fifteen years ago, the apocalypse occurred, changing music in Cyprus  forever. Music is one of the few universal emotionally appealing  experiences connecting all the human species. You don't even need to  know the language in order to enjoy it. The quality of sound is the  second most important element in the music listening experience, only  after the music itself. 



The company has a strong presence and reputation abroad having established a successful globally established  sales network on Pre-owned High-End Audio equipment and having a clientele in 30 countries worldwide including USA, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.

Company has a dedicated office in USA & UK for its US & UK buyers.

Our web-store uses the latest technology to provide a secure environment for purchases.

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